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The 5 Key Traits of Singapore Gen Z's that demystifies their behaviours on social media 

Where are the Gen Z's at on social media? What are they concerned about? How can we better decipher and understand their behaviour?


How to engage the Gen Z's in Singapore with branded content with a focus on TikTok as a platform

Sharing successful case studies of branded content done and executed in Singapore on TikTok that garnered the attention and participation from Gen Zs



Agency Lead, HCN

As the first employee of SGAG (and Hepmil Media Group), Cassi has dabbled in a few roles such as content creation, account management and product innovation over the past 5 years.


Her background as a strategic planner and designer has also helped her execute successful campaigns on SGAG for clients like McDonald’s, Sony Pictures & Carlsberg. She is now the Agency Lead at HCN, where she manages key accounts and spearheads the regional effort for business development.

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Analytics Lead, HCN

Kylie leads HCN's creator development efforts, helping creators to grow their channels and create new monetisation opportunities for their content. 

Prior to HCN, Kylie's work at SGAG involved generating audience insights and pioneering SGAG's research arm. Her work in academia has also been covered by the International Journal for Strategic Communication. 

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